Woodcarving Commission & Woodcarving School

Hand Carved Lettering

No hand carved lettering job is too large or small, whether it is a house sign or number, or a large commemorative plaque.

Prices start from as little as £2.50 per letter; which is almost unbelievable for handcrafted work.  All signs are carved in hardwoods and finished to your requirements.  Please ask for a quote for high or low relief carved plaques or friezes.

Price Guide

½ inch or 12 mm – £2.50 per letter

2 inches or 50 mm – £5.50 per letter

1 inch or 25 mm – £3.50 per letter

3 inches or 75 mm – £7.30 per letter

Hand Carved Lettering

Hand Carved Lettering

Visitors to the workshop at Sacrewell are welcome by appointment.