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Village Signs

Hand carved, wooden, bespoke town and village signs made to order.

Frequently used to mark the centre of a village or town, village signs often depict the history and culture of the area.

Custom village signs are a great way to spruce up a communal area or to celebrate a special civic event.

The Design

Glyn is happy to work with your ideas, the design information must come from the village itself in the form of a clear working drawing or photographs, to enable him to create a finished drawing for your approval.

Some villages hold a design competition or just ask the community for ideas.

The main themes for a sign are usually significant buildings, depiction of local agriculture and wildlife, famous local people or events.

Glyn is happy to design your sign based on the information you provide.

Planning Permission

Once a design is agreed you can seek planning permission from your relevant authority.

They may specify guidelines for the finished height, which must be communicated to Glyn before work starts.


It is important to think of the long-term maintenance of your sign when location is discussed.

In 1982 Glyn made his first sign for his then home village of Elton and it’s still there facing East.

As the carving was in Oak, it has only required a repaint after 8 years and then a further 10 years, to keep it looking good.

Price Guide

Town & village signs are priced from £1875-£2575 for a single-sided sign, or from £3450-£5000 for a double-sided sign.

Footpath signs from £285 per sign, commemorative benches from £750.

Glyn will work to fit in with your budget or spread the cost over a longer period.


For more details, download the Town & Village Sign information

Visitors to the workshop at Sacrewell are welcome by appointment.